As a small company, we depend on our customers and we do everything in our power to give our customers the best service possible. Just see what our happy clients have to say!

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  1. My name is Heather Waters and I’m the manager at Sports Clips at Springshurst in Louisville Kentucky.   We don’t use anyone else to sharpen our shears.  Dean sharpens our shears outside so he doesn’t interrupt my business!   

  2. I had used other sevices 8 years ago and nothing compares to Dean’s wonderful professional services

  3. Dean does a fantastic job!  He always does the best job!

  4. Thanks Dean for letting mail you a check. That was a big help to me
    You always do a great job!

  5. Dean has been sharpening my sears for years.  He is the best and wouldn’t let anyone else touch them.  

  6. Dean is the best! Fast, cost effective, convenient and most importantly, good at what he dose! I have used others and soon regretted it. You will be surprised how sharp and clean your shears will cut.

  7. Dean dose a great job. Clippers and trimmers cut very good and shears cut great.

  8. The shrapening job you did to my black jowell, they cut like butter. Thanks Dean.

  9. Over the years, I have used all the sharpeners in Kentucky and no one compares to Dean’s services. He is the Best.

  10. Thanks Dean for always doing a great job on our shear’s. You Rock!

  11. Love the shears! Awesome foe point cutting and fine detailing! Great quality!

  12. The only shears sharpener I allow to touch my Hikaries. They used to only be serviced directly to their company.

  13. Few weeks ago I had a sharpener sharpen my shear but instead of sharpening it he broke it. He tried to repair my shears my using jd weld but it didn’t work. Dean stopped In a week later and brazed my shears together. They have never worked better. Thanks Dean.

  14. Dean has been sharpening my shears for many years. He is reliable and dependable – always does a great job. Thanks Dean for all the great service.

  15. This guy is professional, reliable, has a great heart and delivers the best work of any sharpener around. He is the bombdigity of Shear Sharpeners! Hugs!

  16. The girls at Strawberry Blonde Salon in Owensboro have tried others, but Dean is the best hands down!

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