Harmonic treatment gets micro-sharp edge

After 25 years of using heat to temper steel, I learned that heat only tempers the outer third of the steel.  This is why the sharpening of an edge doesn’t last as long with each sharpening.

Recently, I discovered a new way of tempering the steel all to its core, thus improving its edge by 300%. This method is the harmonic treatment and it is an innovative, patented metal treatment that uses sound waves to reach the steel’s core.

The microscopic fissures, gaps and cracks hidden in the surface of the steel causes the steel to underperform and wear at a faster rate. This harmonic treatment removes such defects, enhancing a shears performance and extending its life span by that 300%.

This steel treatment not only increases the life span of a shear; it also improves the cutting action by 2/3.  Using more cutting surface means sharper and easier cutting and means a longer-lasting edges.

Types of tools that would benefit from the harmonic treatment include, but are not limited to:

  • beautician shears,
  • surgical instruments,
  • cutting inserts,
  • end mills,
  •  dies,
  • drill bits,
  • Taps
  • and saw blades.

If a tool has to be re-sharpened or reground, then it’s a perfect candidate for the harmonic treatment


The edge of before the harmonic treatment, magnified 100,000 times. You can see the jagged edge of the sharpened blade.


The same edge after the harmonic treatment, magnified 100,000 times again. This edge is smooth and has a straight line.

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Hospital and Surgery Centers

If you watched the TODAY show February 22rd, you will know that there is a necessity to keep surgical instruments as clean as possible, and you will know that the necessity is not being met as often as it should; all instruments, once cleaned, should be sterile and ready to use 100% of the time.

The Instrument Renewal System is a high-tech reconidition system that will permanently remove all the rust and strains from the surface of an instrument. Metallurgists, chemist, and metal manufactures from all over the country worked together to come up with a solution. DK Industries spent years putting this their knowledge to working, creating the perfect reconiditioning system. It is both mobile and safe; DK has since spent the last 25 years using this, the most effective system.