Mail In Service

Mail In Service

If you need your shears sharpened before we can get to you, mail to us! Shears recondition is just $25.00.

  • Hand reconditioning delivers results far superior to standard sharpening services.
  • Micro-fine honing removes a minimal amount of metal increasing the life of your shear.
  • Water-cooling during the sharpening process, protects the shears temper from over heating.

Even if the D.K. mobile van doesn’t pull up to your door, you’re getting the same, great service.

Make Checks Out To: 
DK Industries 
215 Elizabeth ST. 
Elizabethtown, Ky 42701 
Phone No. 800-972-9223

Our Sharpening Process Is:

  1. Buff entirely shears to new condition
  2. Replace washer/bumper (if needed)
  3. Check balance and set
  4. Replace inside ride line
  5. Sharpen on a 4000 grit Japanese Wet Wheel
  6. Triple hone edge to ultimate sharpest
  7. Check edge angle – 45 degree is best
  8. Test and Oil

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