D.K. Shears

After years of being in the sharpening business, I’ve finally found a shear I’m willing to put my name on; shears made in Made in Japan with 100% Japanese raw material. With a lifetime warranty and 50% off the retail price Shears by D.K. Industries (D.K. Shears) are a better quality shear with my stamp of approval on it.

DK Shears are better quality, all-purpose shears with some DK perks:

Call or email today to ask how you be apart of this sharp opportunity.


I am getting these shears from the manufacture at wholesales and am passing the saving onto my clients; each shear retails for $500!

5” Shear $250
5”5′ Shear $250
6” Shear $250
30 Teeth Thinning Shear $250

For more information or to order your shears, contact dkind93@gmail.com or call Susie @ 800-972-9223.

We accept Visa, Mastercard or Check.

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