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  • How to make surgical instruments last

    Surgical instruments today are not made to last. I see more and more “instrument pitting.” Pitting a short for “pitting corrosion.” This results in small holes in the metal making it weaker and more likely to break. What causes pitting corrosion? For a defect-free “perfect” material, pitting corrosion is caused by the environment–how instruments are […]

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  • Sharpeners Report publishes story about harmonic treatment

    In the January issue of Sharpeners Report, Judy Brenner interviewed Randy Kinney and me on the new harmonic treatment we are using to strengthen metal for sharpening. We are very excited about the attention that this process is receiving. If you have any questions about our harmonic treatment or want to try the service for […]

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  • Try DK shear renewal system

    You love your old shears. You love how your old shears feel in your hand. You love how they use to cut, but now they don’t preform like they use to. They just aren’t as sharp and they don’t hold an edge The DK Shear Renewal System re-animates your favorite shears in 5 steps: The […]

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  • Getting That Edge

    The honing process not only removes micro burrs that is left behind after sharpening an edge, but moves the molecular of the steel closer to gather, leaving not only a sharper edge but a stronger edge.  The result is a stronger and sharper edge that will last longer. When we use this honing process on your […]

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  • Shears Companies Represents

    Hikari – Tondeo – Sakura – Etaro – Buttercut – Kenchii – Washi Sharkfin – Kasho – Jaguar – Joewell –

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  • Shears Care and Maintenance

    Shear maintenance and care are the least time consuming parts of any stylists’ week and yet they are a very important part, a part that many neglect. Shears and clippers are a stylists’ most important tools and taking those few extra steps and a few moments of your time can save you much time, money, and […]

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  • “Innovative By Tradition”

    Tradition is good. Innovation is better. And the right combination of the two. . . the best “Innovative by tradition” has been TONDEO’s recipe for success for more than 80 years. Today TONDEO is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of hairdressing shears. Their shears and razors are convincing in terms of technology and design. […]

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