Try DK shear renewal system

You love your old shears. You love how your old shears feel in your hand. You love how they use to cut, but now they don’t preform like they use to. They just aren’t as sharp and they don’t hold an edge

The DK Shear Renewal System re-animates your favorite shears in 5 steps:

  1. The harmonic treatment to re-temper the steel.
  2. Polish the surface of the shear.
  3. Rework the set and balance of the shear.
  4. Sharpen and hone to a razor sharp edge.
  5. Guarantee satisfaction.

For more information about the DK shear renewal offer, please contact me by calling 800-972-9223 or by emailing

Getting That Edge

Here is the unsharpened (on the left) next to the sharpened edge (on the right).

Here is the unsharpened (on the left) next to the sharpened edge (on the right).


The honing process not only removes micro burrs that is left behind after sharpening an edge, but moves the molecular of the steel closer to gather, leaving not only a sharper edge but a stronger edge.  The result is a stronger and sharper edge that will last longer.

When we use this honing process on your precision cutting scissors edge, outside and inside edge, your scissors cutting action will be smoother and silky feel while cutting effortless through the hair, longer.

DK industries is the only company that uses the same equipment that the inventors used, the Japanese.  We use both the honing wheel and compound. No one else has this equipment.


“Innovative By Tradition”

Tradition is good.

Innovation is better.

And the right combination of the two. . . the best

“Innovative by tradition” has been TONDEO’s recipe for success for more than 80 years. Today TONDEO is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of hairdressing shears. Their shears and razors are convincing in terms of technology and design. They are specifically tailored to your requirements. Even in the manufacture of these little “masterpieces,” TONDEO relies on the right combination: state-of-the-art machines and precise hand work, technologies and years of know-how allow high-quality unique items to be created.


OSHA Compliance

Here you see a picture of Dean Koeneman, DK Industries’ CEO, wearing a lap coat to repair and clean ridged scopes. He does so to sterilize his work, making it so the multiple layers of the scope stay clean, but Mr. Koeneman wearing a lab coat is indicative of something else very important.