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  • Just Another 20 Year Anniversary

    I can’t believe that it’s been 20 years since I trained Randy in sharpening. He and his sons have been the sharpest guys in Tennessee for two decades.  Congratulations to a good group of guys and just another great small-business in America!

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  • Hospital and Surgery Centers

    If you watched the TODAY show February 22rd, you will know that there is a necessity to keep surgical instruments as clean as possible, and you will know that the necessity is not being met as often as it should; all instruments, once cleaned, should be sterile and ready to use 100% of the time.…

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  • OSHA Compliance

    Here you see a picture of Dean Koeneman, DK Industries’ CEO, wearing a lap coat to repair and clean ridged scopes. He does so to sterilize his work, making it so the multiple layers of the scope stay clean, but Mr. Koeneman wearing a lab coat is indicative of something else very important.

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