Who We Are

DK Industries the leader in the sharpening industry; serving hospitals, doctor offices, salons, pet groomers, and others in all their professional and personal sharpening needs. Best of all, we are an on-site sharpening and repair company based out of Kentucky’s Heartland. It’s a small town, family business that we bring right to you, wherever you are.

Picture of Dean Koeneman Picture of Susie Koeneman

Dean Koeneman

Co-Founder and CEO, Elizabethtown, KY

I have been sharpening and repair since 1980 when I started a six-year apprenticeship under my father. Now, more than 30 years later, my wife of 26 years, my daughter and my son are helping me carry on the legacy of my father’s training and insight to the best sharpening and repair practices, for salons and hospital alike. (It’s just an added bonus that we’re mobile.)

Susie Koeneman

Co-Founder and COO, Elizabethtown, KY

I have been working along side Dean since the day we married, building a family and this business. I took over daily operations of D.K. Industries early on. If you have any questions or need to schedule a visit from Dean, I’m the one you’ll probably end up talking to!

Picture of Molly Koeneman Picture of Seth Koeneman

Molly Koeneman

Digital Marketing Consultant, Chicago, IL

I have been helping Mom and Dad with D.K. Industries since I first discovered the use for money. I have been running errands for the business, organizing the office and even sharpening during summer breaks. Now, I manage the online communications and work on marketing campaigns. My parents have taught me the true value and benefit of working hard. I’m still trying to pay them for that education.

Seth Koeneman

Apprentice, Lexington, KY

In my spare time from taking classes at the University of Kentucky, I help and train on Dad’s craft. He is so good at what he does, that it’s a privilege to learn from him. And (most of the time) it’s a pleasure working with him.

Our vans are equipped with the same high-quality equipment the most innovative Japanese shear companies use. The best sharpening and honing technology is in the Japanese market, so we have invested the time and money to acquire both the equipment and training. So, when you trust your instruments to us, you trust the best people to recondition your valuables to their original edge. (For salons, we are now repairing your clippers, your curling irons, hair blowers, and your flat irons.)

Picture of the Koeneman Family

Seth, Molly, Susie and Dean Koeneman with their favorite girl, Maggie, 2014.

Photo credit to Marnie Clagget of Clagget Photography in Elizabethtown, KY.