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Hospital and Surgery Centers

If you watched the TODAY show February 22rd, you will know that there is a necessity to keep surgical instruments as clean as possible, and you will know that the necessity is not being met as often as it should; all instruments, once cleaned, should be sterile and ready to use 100% of the time.

The Instrument Renewal System is a high-tech reconidition system that will permanently remove all the rust and strains from the surface of an instrument. Metallurgists, chemist, and metal manufactures from all over the country worked together to come up with a solution. DK Industries spent years putting this their knowledge to working, creating the perfect reconiditioning system. It is both mobile and safe; DK has since spent the last 25 years using this, the most effective system.

How It Works

There are peeks and valleys on the surface of an instrument. Contaminants and minerals, ranging from blood to saline, hide in these valleys making the instrument dull. These contaminants also react to the metal properties by the heating process in the auto-clay that starts producing staining and rusting.

DK’s system removes the top layer (or one-ten-thousandth of an inch) off the surface of an instruments were all the contaminants are. By removing the peeks there will be no more valleys for contaminates to hide, allowing a protective layer of Chromium Oxidation to form.

What is Chromuim Oxidation

Chromium Oxidation is a natural protective layer that attaches to the surface of an instrument. It will prohibit contaminates and other by-products from adhering to an instrument.

The results will be phenomenal. By removing the problem from the surface of an instrument, staining or rusting will not occur, allowing the instruments to functioas if new. DK can double the life of any instrument, and we that our work a 2-year warranty.

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