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OSHA Compliance

Here you see a picture of Dean Koeneman, DK Industries’ CEO, wearing a lap coat to repair and clean ridged scopes. He does so to sterilize his work, making it so the multiple layers of the scope stay clean, but Mr. Koeneman wearing a lab coat is indicative of something else very important.

After some comparative research of what DK Industries does with what our competitors do, we found a few interesting facts. DK Industries stands behind their claim to the sharpest sharpening and our customer service curtsies (not to mention how handsome the sharpeners are), but there is also the point we make to be OSHA compliant.

The materials we use are messy, and when not handled properly, can cause health issues. To find out more about how we strive to keep your work-space clean and healthy, and how we are OSHA compliant, just ask the DK shear sharpener the next time he stops by.

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