Onsite sharpening service in Kentucky and Indiana 

D.K. Industries has been a leader in the sharpening and repair industry since 1980. We are an on-site sharpening and repair company based in the Kentucky Heartland, serving Central Kentucky and Southern Indiana. 

When you trust your instruments to D.K. Industries, you trust the best people to recondition your valuables to their original edge. 

We guarantee your satisfaction.

To schedule our sharpening and repair services, contact us:

D.K. Industries meets all your sharpening needs

Medical Instrument Sharpening

D.K. Industries has standing contracts with Norton Healthcare, Baptist Health, University of Kentucky Healthcare, and University of Louisville Healthcare. We are used to working in and out of sterile processing so instruments can get back into surgery asap.  

Dental Instrument Sharpening

We bring dental instruments back to life. D.K. Industries provides sharpening, re-tipping, and repair services for dental professionals across Kentucky and Indiana. 

Tool Sharpening for Podiatrists

Foot, ankle and leg health improves the foundation of your patient. Making sure your tools are sharpen and in working order allows you to support and care for your patient.

Sharpening for Plastics and Dermatology

D.K. Industries can sharpen and repair skin punches, forceps, and skin hooks in addition to scissors, and curettes. We are a full-service, onsite business focused on you and your clients. 

Sharpening for Orthodontics

We have over 40 years of experience sharpening and repairing ligature cutters, distal end cutters, and dental instruments. For the comfort of your patients and for your own ease of work, we recommend that you keep your tools in top condition.

Sharpening for OBGYN & Family Doctors

Let our family business help you better take care of your patients and their families. By keeping your tools sharpened and in their best condition, you can do your job easier and better. 

Kitchen Knife Sharpening

Professional and amateur chefs both deserve the sharpest tool. Having sharp knives makes cooking easier and faster, but it’s also safer. When your knife is sharp, you don’t have to use as much force to cut therefore minimizing slips and cuts.

Shear Sharpening for Salons and Barber Shops

You love your shears. You love how your shears feel in your hand. You love how they use to cut, but now they don’t perform like they use to. They just aren’t as sharp and they don’t hold an edge. It’s probably time to get them sharpened. 

How much does it cost to sharpen and repair your tools?

Top scissor sharpener in the world!

Owner and CEO of D.K. Industries, Dean Koeneman, has won numerous awards and recognition for his craft. These recognitions include:

 D.K. Industries proudly has contracts with the biggest healthcare institutions in Kentuckiana.

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